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Tiny Sparks Baby Massage

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Baby massage is one of the earliest, and easiest, things you can do for your baby, and it’s a great way to bond. It is a way to express your love, care and respect for your baby through positive touch. 


At Baby Sparks we are passionate about nurturing the parent-baby attachment as well as promoting your baby’s early sensory development through the power of touch. 

There is nothing nicer than switching off the outside world, being present in the moment with your baby and embracing all the oxytocin; the love hormone.

Why Choose Us for Baby Massage:

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Guided weekly massage routines for baby



Relaxation for mum/caregiver

Time to chat and build friendships with other local new mums



Massage oil for you to keep, handouts and ongoing weekly support via a group whatsapp

Sensory toys for your baby to access and play



Refreshments and cake for mum/caregiver

Priority access to our Baby Sparks Sensory classes once the course has completed. 



Our classes help to support early attachment, bonding and nurturing through the power of positive touch and massage techniques.


It's not just children who enjoy Baby Sparks Sensory! Our classes are a great place for mums and dads to make friends in an open and supportive environment. 


Baby Sparks classes are so much fun!

Strengthen your life-long bond with your baby, through nurturing and positive touch. Click here to book onto our next course of
Baby Sparks Tiny Sparks Massage

Our baby massage courses run for 6 weeks, each class is 70 minutes long


You will have access to:

- baby massage routine print outs

- benefits of baby massage information cards

- a towel, oil, sensory toy, scarf and ribbon

- refreshments every week (drink & cake)

If you have an enquiry about our baby massage course please email us at:

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