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About Us

The Team

Helen - Founder and co-owner of Baby Sparks Sensory - delivering baby and toddler classes in South Nottingham


South Nottingham

Mum to Charlie, Tommy and Stanley 

Qualified primary teacher. 

Baby Sparks Founder & co-owner.

Emily - delivering Baby Sparks Sensory classes for babies and toddlers in South Nottingham


South Nottingham

Mum to Peter, Arthur and Flora.

Qualified primary teacher.

EYFS specialist.

Kat - Co-owner of Baby Sparks Sensory - delivering baby and toddler classes in West and North Nottingham


West & North Nottingham

Mum to Mari.

Qualified teacher.

Baby Sparks co-owner.

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South Nottingham

Mum to Milo, Noah and Ezra.

Qualified dance teacher

EYFS specialist.

Why Choose Us

Baby Sparks Little Movers Sensory class with Helen & Kat in Nottingham and Derby
Group of mums with babies at Baby Sparks Sensory - Spark Shakers - Class in Nottingham and Derby.JPG
Dad with child at Nottingham and Derby Baby Sparks Sensory classes.
Mum and child enjoying scarf play during a Baby Sparks Sensory Spark Movers Class.
Toddlers enjoying Baby Sparks Sensory - Spark Movers - class in Nottingham and Derby.
Baby reacting to Sparky during a Baby Sparks Sensory Spark Shakers Class.



Our classes provide opportunities for children and babies to actively use their senses as they explore their world.


Sensory play is crucial to brain development – it helps to build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways.

Our classes support physical development such as fine and gross motor skills.



We promote social development and thinking skills as well as sharing and exploring skills in a collaborative and safe environment.

Sensory play develops vision, hearing, touch, smell, proprioception (body awareness) and balance.



We support development of communication skills such as listening and builds early vocabulary through singing and storytelling activities.

Activities in our sensory classes encourage imagination and a curious, inquiring mind.



Our classes help to support early attachment, bonding and nurturing through the power of positive touch and massage techniques.

It's not just children who enjoy Baby Sparks Sensory! Our classes are a great place for mums and dads to make friends in an open and supportive environment. 



Baby Sparks classes are so much fun!

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